Market Transparency & Integrity

As a leading hydropower company, Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy and major energy trading company, Statkraft’s livelihood relies on robust markets to reach its customers.

Statkraft promotes fair and transparent markets:

  • We conduct ourselves in a responsible and professional manner.
  • We abide by all applicable regulations and laws wherever we trade. 
  • We strive for sound risk management, transparent market conduct and integrity in all our dealings.

Statkraft welcomes the European Union’s “Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency" (REMIT) which promotes market integrity and which requires the publication of inside information to all market participants simultaneously and in an effective and timely manner. 

Statkraft Energi AS publishes urgent market messages (UMM) for its Nordic power generation facilities on Nord Pool Spot at

Statkraft Markets GmbH publishes urgent market messages (UMM):

  • for Statkraft's German power generation facilities on this website and on EEX Transparency Platform
  • for Statkraft’s UK power generation facilities on this website 

In addition, Statkraft Markets GmbH and Statkraft Energi AS publish urgent market messages (UMM) as ad-hoc messages (where these have not been published on Nord Pool Spot):

  • for third party assets for which Statkraft has only balancing responsibility
  • when the standard UMM publication is not available
  • any other potential inside information.

Please click on the navigation menu on the right hand side to view urgent market messages (UMM) and ad-hoc messages.   

Queries regarding Statkraft’s compliance with market regulations may be addressed to any of the following:


John Fahs

(Head of Compliance for Market operations)
for queries in Norwegian and English
Tel: +47 24 06 74 16
Mobile: +47 95 99 82 34

Marek Dal-Canton

for queries in German and English
Tel: +49 21 16 02 44 280


Anya Bissessur

for queries in English, German, French and Norwegian
Tel: +47 24 06 82 05


For queries regarding Statkraft Energi AS, please contact Compliance Officer John Fahs.

For queries regarding Statkraft Markets GmbH, please contact Compliance Officer Marek Dal-Canton.

For queries regarding Statkraft Financial Energy AB, please contact Compliance Officer Anya Bissessur.